In the Northwestern part of Denver lies The Highlands – boundaries of this thriving area of Denver are roughly Interstate-25 to Sheridan Boulevard, 29th Avenue to 38th (with fuzzier boundaries sometimes extending on the East all the way to the rail yards in the Platte River Valley but many locals consider the area between the Platte River and Union Station a neighborhood called Riverfront). Basically divided into two parts with Federal Boulevard at the center, The Highlands are usually referred to as LoHi (I-25 to Federal) and West Highlands (Federal to Sheridan). Even fuzzier, East Highlands is also commonly referred to as Lower Highlands and also the snazzier moniker LoHi.

The Highlands was originally laid out as its own town in 1859 by William Larimer Jr, who founded Denver, highly situated on the bluff to the West of downtown. Eventually Denver annexed The Highlands in 1896 and this part of town became one of many ‘streetcar suburbs’ after the arrival of the Denver Tramway Corporation that connected downtown to major neighborhoods across the city, 4 of these stops were within The Highlands. Now, to walkers and cyclists delight, The Highlands connects to Denver, the Platte River Valley, LoDo, and Downtown via the prominent pedestrian Highlands Bridge that crosses I-25, the Platte River Bridge over the river itself, and the Millennium Bridge in the Riverfront neighborhood that spans the rail lines delivering folks to the historic Union Station and the very edge of the 16th Street walking mall.

The residences in this neighborhood encompass Victorians, 50’s ranches, Denver Squares, turn of the century brownstones, brick Tudors and bungalows. And within the last 15 years new infill homes that range from contemporary lofts with miles of views to modern inspired multi level townhomes & single family homes are found nestled within their more traditional neighbors- some contemporary, some with a Victorian inspired exterior, both wrapped around today’s luxury amenities inside.

Many citizens have made a push for designating small sub sections of The Highlands into historically designated districts due to the architectural integrity, consistent building styles and ages of homes. As of 2011 Historic Districts within The Highlands include Allen M. Ghost, Wolff Place, Stoneman’s Row, Potter Highlands, and Old Highlands Business.

LoHi, also called East Highlands, and LoHi is located adjacent to Riverfront Park on the West side of I-25 and continues to Federal Boulevard, and bounded by 15th on the South, up to 38th on the North. LoHi is close to Downtown and Lodo with only a short jaunt across the walking bridge on 16th street across I- 25 and the river, into the Platte Valley. It’s equally close to the thriving Highlands Square district. LoHi is full of life and activity, you can lose a sunny afternoon sipping cocktails, listening to live music, and eating from a variety of delicious edibles all while you enjoy looking East at the 30-acre Commons Park, the bustling Central Platte Valley. Fun points of interest: Elitches, the Pepsi Center, Denver Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, Auraria Campus, REI’s flagship store, and Coor’s Field, and the Downtown Denver skyline. Attractions you love are so close, the character of the neighborhood is intact and invigorated, and LoHi is definitely on the rise as entrepreneurs, long time businesses, an eclectic restaurant scene and great mix of neighbors create a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood.

West Highlands extends from Federal Boulevard to Sheridan Boulevard on the West, and 29th to 38th Avenues. The heart of West Highlands is definitely Highland Square where bustling boutiques, savvy bars and restaurants, business professionals, medical offices, artisans and specialty shops abound. This neighborhood exudes the friendly nature of an active urban community. The streets are lined with mature trees, a variety of dogs walking their equally varied humans abound, charming homes from the mid-1800’s and modern infill townhomes and lofts, along side a thriving business distric ~ welcome to West Highland a true Denver neighborhood (pizzazz included).