Five Points

Northeast of Denver’s Central Business District, connected by Denver’s
original Light Rail line and other main thoroughfares, is Five Points, the name given to the neighborhoods surrounding the intersection of Washington Street, 27th Street, 26th Avenue and Welton Street. The 5 actual points of this intersection are caused by the diagonal grid of Downtown’s streets meeting the rectangular grid of the East Denver’s neighborhoods, hence “Five Points”. Curtis Park, Clement, San Rafael, and Ballpark neighborhoods are all located within the Five Points neighborhood.

In the 1860’s and 70’s Five Points was one of Denver’s most fashionable
residential areas, housing a thriving community of doctors, Mayors, Governors and prominent business people who had some wildly beautiful homes built – many still standing proudly today.

Historically known throughout the US and European Jazz communities, Five Points was considered the “Harlem of the West” and was one of the hottest stops from the 1920’s and into the 1950’s for jazz musicians and jazz clubs.
Many famous jazz legends made Five Points a tour stop for certain ~ Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole and Miles Davis to name a few.

Today the interest in jazz is thriving again within Five Points, as is a revitalized market place that hosts both newly started and very established
businesses, galleries, community service organizations and restaurants. The
residential population has increased in Five Points at about double the rate of other Denver neighborhoods since 2000. Some of the city’s most enjoyed institutions, festivals, and organizations are found in this neighborhood: Denver’s Juneteenth festival, the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center, the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, KUVO Jazz radio station, Five Points Jazz Festival, & the Black Arts Festival.