Tom Cummings

With over 23 years as a real estate investor & over 12 years as a property manager, Tom is an expert in not only the day to day management of rental properties, but also the big picture of being a landlord.

He started TJC in 2005 and has over 26 years experience as a real estate investor and over 15 years experience as a property manager.

Did you know:

  • Tom has lived in Central Park (formerly Stapleton) since 2002 when he built one of the first homes in the neighborhood, where he and his family still live today.
  • Tom has been a key member of multiple HOA boards, coaches baseball and softball for the local schools, and is a managing member of multiple investment groups to bring Central Park (formerly Stapleton) continuous development such as the new Stanley Marketplace.
  • TJC manages over 300 properties, giving Tom an extensive understanding of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) and the surrounding communities making him an exceptional neighbor, business owner, and Central Park (formerly Stapleton) resident.