Damon Knop-Founder Distinctive Properties Team

I have always been proud of my identification as a 'Denver native'.

Growing up in Capitol Hill, attending Dora Moore, Morey, East and the University of Northern Colorado, as well as growing up in the Real Estate business has made me who I am today. I am dedicated to my community and neighborhood and encourage others to do the same. My parents were very influential in my career choice, with a Realtor mother, and an architect and city planner father, both of whom were immersed in the development of our neighborhood. As a SUN (Central Park (formerly Stapleton) United Neighbors) board member, I feel I am following in their steps in creating and nurturing a community where I am excited to raise my two children.

I have been in the Real Estate business for over 15 years and have developed relationships with city and neighborhood planners, private developers, builders and many homeowners throughout the Denver Metro area. The market takes many turns; however, there has been one consistency that happens to be my favorite part of the job:  handing someone the keys to their home!

I have been able to dominate and explore a niche that many Realtors have no knowledge of: affordable housing. It is very satisfying to assist someone who never thought home ownership was a possibility.

The Knop Home Team offers a vast knowledge and expertise in Real Estate that will benefit you whether you are an investor, developer, home buyer or seller.