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Cover Your Asset

Here’s a look at the typical timeline of the average American resident:  Phase 1. Graduate college. Get first REAL job. Buy first house. Adopt a dog.  Get married. Have first child. Realize that the first ‘home sweet home’ is just too small.  End of phase 1. Now, phase 2 may not be as typical as phase 1, but it’s a great route to follow:  Buy new home. Decide to build retirement portfolio. Keep first home as a rental property.

If you were able to follow phase 2 as listed above or are deciding at a later phase in your life to acquire rental properties, make sure you have your asset covered.  I sat down with my Property Manager and our long-time Maintenance Professional to devise a check-list of opportunities to maintain your/our long-term investments. Some people may have an obsession with recreating the 1986 blockbuster Money Pit, but that is not in our list of recommendations.

So what should you look out for to make sure your home is tip top?  First and foremost, if you are purchasing a home as an investment, listen to the home inspector carefully and follow his/her list of recommendations.  Moving forward, here are our top 22 items to keep in mind:

  • Keep water out – make sure caulk is not failing anywhere water exists (interior and exterior)
  • Have HVAC system serviced yearly
  • Have the sewer cleaned out yearly on older homes (especially with clay piping)
  • Have tankless water heaters serviced annually
  • Running toilets should have all rubber parts replaced
  • Ensure sump pump is working properly
  • Ensure all doors and windows seal properly to keep the weather out
  • Change air filter frequently (consider providing this service to tenants if it is hard to access)
  • Ensure spring hinges are working properly on door between the garage and the house
  • Replace weather stripping that is wearing
  • Seal granite countertops
  • Refinish hardwood floors when the finish is visibly wearing
  • Replace washer hoses (especially rubber) when needed
  • Ensure CO detectors, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are working and not expired
  • Re-seal grout in showers
  • Trim trees and bushes away from the home
  • Don’t forget about the outside
    • Touch-up/paint your home
    • Replace rotted wood
    • Make sure everything is caulked and sealed
    • Ensure drainage/grading is pushing water away from your home
    • Stain fence/real wood deck when it no longer repels water (typically every other year)
    • Have roof inspected after wind/hail storms
    • Have gutters cleaned yearly (where mature landscaping exists)
    • Lubricate all moving parts on garage doors yearly
    • Ensure garage door seals to keep water out

“We spend thousands of dollars on a depreciating asset (car) and take it for regular oil chang-es, check-ups, and take it to the car wash every time it gets dirty, but we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and don’t do anything to it.”  – Bob, handyman

It is a best practice to make sure everything in your home is functioning properly. Don’t forget higher quality products typically last longer!

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Manager for TJC Real Estate and Management Services. 

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DESIGN TRENDS: Is it TIME to Paint the Exterior of your Home?

How to tackle painting the exterior of your home…

As the weather turns nicer, the home renovation spark starts to fire up. Painting the exterior of your home can make a big impact, and preserve the exterior of your home, protecting it from the elements of Mother Nature.

What colors?

This is the hardest part – picking the colors. It is important to remember these are colors to balance with your neighbors exteriors, your outside environment and to carry through the style of your home. First take a look at the color of your roof shingles and if you have any brick or stone to coordinate with your paint colors. You should also confirm any restrictions your neighborhood may have and if you have an HOA, you may need to consult with them as well. Now head to your local paint store and start with their exterior paint brochure recommendations. They will have schemes put together for you and you can draw inspiration from those to start. Gray and neutral colors are trending, but navy blue and white are also popular. If you want to accent with a bright color, the front door and shutters are a great way to add a pop of color to go along with a neutral scheme.

Most paint schemes will have 3 colors: body, trim and accent. Pick a couple colors to get samples of, and if the weather allows, put the paint right on the body of your house in a big area up to 3 feet x 3 feet, so you can really get a feel for the color. Paint the sample in a couple different spots on your house so you can look at the color in different lights and at different times of the day. If your unsure about painting directly on your exterior, you can always do some poster board samples, and tape the samples up on your home.

Should the exterior paint match the architectural style of my home?

Another factor in determining a paint color is the style of house you own. If you own a ”painted lady” (as shown below) or victorian house, you can play up the architectural details and have a little more fun with color. We are seeing a trend of exterior brick being painted as well. Many red brick homes are going light or even white, making a big transformation.


Farmhouse style calls for a very neutral color scheme with accents of fun on the front door or shutters. Art and Craft style homes can also have some interesting details as well. If you have a covered porch, the ceiling of the porch can also coordinate with the front door or trim.


Who should I use to paint my home?

A good experienced local paint company will give you a free estimate, explain their process, and various warranties they offer. A local favorite is, VIVAX, a Colorado company that offers several various warranties from 6, 9 to 14 years. They will come back and do free touch ups, big or small, every year if requested, included with your warranty.

How long will it take?

Length of time for a painting project depends on a few factors: weather, size of your house and if you are covering a darker color with a lighter color, etc. Expect 7 full days from start to finish, but again this could stretch longer depending on other factors.

Take your time with big decisions such as painting your home, as you need to enjoy coming home for a long time.

Brought to you by Meg Sebastian Evans, Owner of Meg Sebastian Interior Design.

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